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Myst Online -- URU Live again (MOULa)

Myst Online URU Live Logo Myst Online: URU Live lives again! The faithful kept hope alive that "perhaps the ending has not yet been written." We are fortunate that Cyan Worlds has opened URU back up to the fans yet again. The content released with the GameTap version of the game is all included in the current release. Cyan continues to focus on other projects, but some small amount of time is being given to the current release as needed. They are asking for donations for this release, but game play is free to all that would like to see what it is like. I like that move. If you want to play, please donate to keeping the servers running. Click here to download the newest game files and most importantly, to donate!

Cyan had dubbed the next incarnation of URU Live "M.O.R.E.", or the "Myst Online Restoration Experiment", but economic downturn force that to be put on hold. Cyan still intends to release the source code for the game to the developers out there. No new content is promised at this point from Cyan Worlds, but they have said that they will proceed with user generated content. A structure has been working out with respect to the Guild of Maintainers and the Guild of Writers regarding age creation and testing. The fans will now truly continue to keep URU Live alive. Ironically, holding true to the D'ni way of life which involved creating worlds for their society, the new explorers of the worlds of the D'ni will now carry on the tradition and the art of writing ages and will continue the spirit and the structure of the D'ni Universe. The future, of D'ni and of Myst Online, now really comes down to the efforts of the fans for the short term. Donate, donate, donate!

Being one of the faithful, and knowing these fans as I do, I have great optimism for the future. We are playing a waiting game though, and plans are to release the needed coding to the fans in 2010 at some point.

The Myst Online site and forums are the place to find out any new information.
I hope to see you in the cavern soon! I am mtn'man, and my KI number is 66952!

The Myst Series games I have played:

Myst Masterpiece
Riven -- the sequel to Myst
Myst 3 -- Exile
Myst 4 -- Revelation
Myst 5 -- End of Ages
URU -- Ages Beyond Myst, To D'ni and The Path of the Shell
URU Live
(the original online game that ended 2-10-04)
Until URU (frequenting Tapestry as mtn'man, member of T.A.G., the Tapestry Activity Group)
Myst Online -- URU Live Open Beta on GameTap
Myst Online -- URU Live

I also played the Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time, from Presto and Red Orb (look at your Riven and Exile boxes if you don't know who they are). I've also played with The Manhole too (on GameTap).

NOTE: Right as Cyan Worlds looked like they were going to have to close, I grabbed the URL for untiluru.com since it was available. As Cyan began the journey leading to the second version of URU Live in 2006, I wrote asking if they wanted the URL. They said I could keep it! I created an area for screenshots and tutorials and general goodies from the many games relating to Myst. The overall concentration is on the URU game.

Myst, Riven, URU, To D'ni, The Path of the Shell, Until URU, Myst Online URU Live are copyright Cyan Worlds.